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Dominion Commercial Finance Corporation is a private non-Bank Commercial lender located in the Washington DC - DelMarVa area. We are recognized as one of the best private lenders due to our simple loan application processing.

With our partners we have funded over $2 Billion in transactions. From Real Estate Loans for purchasing land for Commercial Development, Vertical Construction Loans, Equipment Financing, Asset-Based Lending, to Government and Commercial to Contract Financing, Bridge Loans and Working Capital which allows us to close more loans. 

We are experts in this field.

Dominion offers the following commercial financing solutions for real estate, land acquisitions, construction loans, land development loans, debt refinancing, supply chain financing, business credit and more:

Commercial Real Estate Financing:

Dominion assists businesses in financing all phases of real estate development, from acquisition of land through construction. Our short-term and long-term commercial real estate financing solutions meet the needs of owners, developers and investors for owner-occupied and investment properties.

Our senior partners have the knowledge, expertise and strategic relationships with international lenders in place to offer you the most flexible rates and terms for your commercial or multifamily property loan. We maintain relationships with a large lending network to provide construction, bridge and permanent financing for commercial properties.

Construction Financing

Dominion offers financing for the construction of office, retail, industrial or multi-family properties. A commercial construction loan allows a borrower to pay the builder as needed for until construction is completed.


Private Lending 

Dominion assists businesses in financing all phases of real estate development, from acquisition of land through construction. Our short-term and long-term commercial real estate financing solutions meet the needs of owners, developers and investors for owner-occupied and investment properties.


Asset-Based Lending

Dominion's Asset-based lending is the perfect financing solution for a growing business looking to obtain working capital. An asset-based loan (ABL) is based on the value of customers’ collateral, including:

  • Accounts receivable

  • Inventory

  • Machinery & equipment

Dominion has financing partners which allows us to provide asset-based lending programs that meet the needs of your growing business. 

Dominion's asset-based financing tools, including term loans and revolving lines of credit, are offered to businesses in a wide variety of industries, including biotech, hospitality, power, oil and more!

These loans will help you leverage your assets to meet growing financial goals, providing your business with larger credit availability and flexibility. Asset-based lending can help a business with;


  • Working capital

  • Seasonal sales assistance

  • Rapid growth

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Recapitalization

  • Shareholder buyouts

  • Funding payroll

  • Supplier discounts

We give you financial stability by offering developers the means to access working capital that may be tied up in the assets, thus increasing liquidity significantly. This asset-based lending or line of credit is a huge part of our commercial financing solutions.

When you choose Dominion as your source of asset-based loans, you can benefit from powerful services and simplified reporting requirements.

When you are looking for a solution outside the realm of what a traditional bank can offer, an ABL might be right for you. Contact a senior partner at Dominion today to learn more about our asset-based lending programs.


Bridge Financing

Dominion Commercial Finance offers bridge financing on a variety of property types:

  • Retail shopping centers

  • Mixed-used projects

  • Multi-family commercial

  • Office buildings

  • Hotels

  • Warehouses

Reasons businesses may apply for bridge financing:


  • Need to finance a project while permit approval is obtained?

  • Partner buy-out

  • Avoiding Foreclosure

  • Need to close quickly on a property


When we finance a bridge loan, a repayment strategy is in place, so that the loan is repaid loan either through the sale or refinance of the property. Bridge loans are offered for terms of 6-36 months and often can be refinanced into a long-term loan.

Dominion Commercial Finance Bridge financing is a cheaper alternative to private lending, while being just as fast and with flexible underwriting. Both are non-standard loans acquired due to short-term or uncommon situations. A bridge loan term may be closed, only available for a pre-determined time, or open with no fixed payoff date. There may be a required payoff after a specific date.

 Here at Dominion, we provide bridge loan financing services for businesses and developers across the U.S.. These interim financing services have been designed to assist real estate investors with financial solutions that offer quick relief in challenging cash-stripped situations.

As one of the leading property bridging finance lenders in the business, we pride ourselves in creating long-term client-lender relationships.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the structures and options of short-term bridge financing solutions.

If you are in need of short-term bridge financing for your business, contact a senior partner at Dominion today.


Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine financing fills the gap between an owner’s equity and traditional bank financing, when the maximum loan amount could be capped by requirements of collateral. A mezzanine loan is often employed in buyouts, growth financing and other types of private equity transactions:


  • Encourage extensions with debt paydowns to existing lenders

  • Discounted debt note acquisitions

  • Partner buyouts and owner recapitalizations

  • Capital Expenditure & tenant improvements

Mezzanine financing, also known as mezzanine debt, delivers a substantial contribution to a business’ long-term value creation and therefore results in stable returns during the investment.

By combining the features of debt and equity instruments, mezzanine debt provides borrowers financial flexibility. This type of loan allows a borrower to obtain financing based on its cash flow rather than on traditional requirements of collateral. If the loan is not paid back in time and in full, the financing will convert to an ownership or equity interest in the business.

Our mezzanine property financing solutions are available for companies that can demonstrate a proven track record and has a great reputation for their products and services.

Our specialists are here to help you determine if mezzanine financing is suitable for your needs and how your company can best benefit from our range of capital solutions.

As leading finance providers, we can help you with additional funding when you require quick and seamless solutions.

Dominion Commercial Finance has a complete understanding of all aspects of this type of loan and we will accelerate the process of obtaining mezzanine financing. Contact one of our senior partners today for more information.

Permanent Financing

If you are looking for financing to expand your current facility, purchase an investment property or construct new office space, retail, apartment complex or warehouse space, Dominion Commercial Finance provides an extensive range of permanent financing programs. A long-term option, permanent financing is used for construction or the acquisition of assets such as land, buildings or heavy machinery. This loan has a term of at least five (5) years, unlike bridge loans, which have shorter terms. Typically, the loan amortization period reflects the life of the asset.

Permanent financing is typically used for the following loan types:

  • Property refinancing

  • Property purchase

  • Custom construction

  • New construction

Dominion assists businesses in obtaining loans for the following commercial property types:

  • Retail Shopping centers

  • Mixed-used projects

  • Office buildings

  • Hotels

  • Franchises & national chain restaurant buildings

  • Warehouses

Permanent financing carries terms for repayment offering businesses less financial stress and time for the newly built or acquired property to begin to produce revenue.

Our senior partners are dedicated to guiding you through each phase of the permanent lending process. Contact us today to learn all your options.


Structured Joint Venture Financing

Structured joint venture financing maximizes cash flow potential for the borrower by including the lender as an additional investor in the project. Similar to a partnership, but only for a specific project, a joint venture is a contractual agreement between two or more parties to share in the costs, profits and losses associated with the venture.


A borrower may not initially be searching for a partner in a project, but some recognize the value of a sharing equity in a joint venture over traditional financing. When joining together with additional investors, your business gains a competitive advantage, since it is now able to pursue larger opportunities. An investor should look to partner with a lender who can create value for the project in ways that they can’t. This value can be anything from more effective property management to asset rehabilitation.


Why choose Dominion Commercial Finance for Structured Joint Venture Financing?

Structured joint equity financing requires the sharing of resources, which help companies lower their costs, fuse connections to another company’s technology, boost revenues, increase their customer base or expand product distribution. Dominion’s primary focus is to extend 1116these possibilities while lowering the exposure of risk.

This type of loan can be complicated and is not the right choice for all projects, but some projects make more sense as a joint venture. Contact the senior brokers at Dominion today to discuss your financing needs and learn if a structured joint venture financing is the right choice for your business.


Development Sites

Mortgage lending is a common private lending practice that has secured a stronghold reputation with outstanding financial benefits. With constant shifts and fluctuations in the country’s economic situation, availing conventional loans can be a hassle. 

This is where we come into play. Dominion Commercial Finance is a private lending company that offers a holistic suite of financing solutions. Some of our main services include commercial real estate financing, land development loans, asset-based lending, and mortgage lending.

However, in traditional lending practices, the interest amount can fluctuate significantly. Whereas, if you choose private lending through Dominion for a mortgage, you may be able to enjoy a multitude of benefits.

Whether you’re looking for a fixed, adjustable, balloon, or any other type of mortgage loan. we’re your all-in-one partner. 

From loans for asset purchase, real estate acquisition, land purchase, land development, and expansion to property refinancing and bridge financing, we offer it all. Our financial solutions are designed to help you make sure that your capital is in safe hands. We can reduce the risk of mortgage application rejections.


Acquisition Financing 

Acquisition financing involves borrowing capital for the purpose of purchasing another business. We assist buyers with the acquisition of:

  • Development sites

  • Hotels & other hospitality-related companies

  • Multi-family commercial buildings

  • Raw land

  • Warehouses

Dominion Commercial Finance can provide the following acquisition financing options to borrowers for the acquisition of commercial properties:


Debt Financing: 

The cheapest method of financing an acquisition bid is debt and it can take many forms. The amount of debt that is available to finance an acquisition change depending on the projected cash flow of the combined company. The financial health of both companies is taken into consideration.

Equity Financing:

Equity carries the most risk because it has no claim to any assets. It is a more expensive form of capital than debt. This type of financing requires a borrower to relinquish some ownership in the combined company.

Stock Swaps:

If a borrower already owns stock in the target company, it is possible to use that stock to purchase all or some shares for the acquisition. This is a common practice among publicly traded companies. A stock swap in private transactions is more difficult because the acquiring stock cannot be quickly sold.

Here at Dominion Commercial Finance, we provide a range of commercial financing solutions for business acquisition needs.

These commercial financing services can help investors overcome common obstacles when acquiring a new property. We understand the importance of addressing these issues up front and that’s why, we offer expedited processes that help you source funds quickly and reliably.

Working with us will provide you the resources you need to execute your new deal with confidence.

If you are seeking to acquire another business, contact us at Dominion first to discuss all of your options.


Development Sites

Acquisition and development (A&D) financing is a long-term option for a business that is looking to expand their current operations with little money out of pocket. This loan is typically used to pay for the acquisition as well as closing costs of a development site and paid back by construction financing or converted to permanent financing.

The senior brokers at Dominion Commercial Finance can assist companies with the purchase of land and existing buildings and to make improvements, including:


  • Grading and street improvements

  • Parking lots

  • Landscaping

  • New facility construction

  • Renovation or conversion of existing facilities

  • Long-term machinery and equipment procurement


Our database of international lending partners allows us to assist businesses with financing for development sites of all sizes with programs that range from $1,000,000 to over $100,000,000.

Dominion can also provide completion funds for new development situations that are almost complete or value-added scenarios. Whether you are looking to renovate your current facility or purchase land to build a new one, we can structure the right acquisition loan to exceed your financial goals.

Our development financing products have been designed to facilitate property investors, developers and owners in need of loans to help kick-start their next project.

Here at Dominion Commercial Finance, our number one concern is to help you select the best possible alternative lending solution, so it becomes easier for you make the right choice when it comes to property development finance. Get in touch with us today to learn more!



No matter the state of the international economy, travel will always be in style. Hotels, resorts, restaurants and other businesses in the industry continue to be profitable, even in a tough financial market. Global Capital Partners offers hospitality acquisition and development funding that can be used to purchase existing properties or remodel an entire facility. Dominion Commercial Finance can assist clients in acquiring the following hospitality related businesses:


  • Hotels

  • Cafes

  • Motels

  • Nightclubs

  • Resorts

  • Pubs

  • Restaurants

  • Bars

  • Mixed-use developments

  • Multiple stakeholder arrangements

  • Ground lease transactions

  • Governance issues

  • Tax & operational matters

Whether you are looking to acquire one property or many in the hospitality industry, we can structure the right loan for your goals. Our lending partners allows us to finance the acquisition of hospitality properties of all sizes with programs that range from $1,000,000 to over $100,000,000. Contact a senior partner at Dominion today to learn more about our hospitality acquisition funding programs.


Multi-Family Commercial

Multi-family properties and apartment buildings are typically offered lower rates than other commercial property types because of their low risk and easy stabilization. A senior partner at Dominion Commercial Finance can facilitate financing for the acquisition, purchase, refinance, development and rehabilitation of multi-family properties such as:


  • Apartment buildings (5+ units)

  • Townhouse developments

  • Assisted-living facilities

  • Skilled-care nursing homes

  • Office buildings

  • Retail buildings

Our database of international lending partners allows us to finance the acquisition of multi-family properties of all sizes with programs that range from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000 and more. Properties that we help finance:


  • Can be mixed-use (with at least 50% apartment or other income-generating property)

  • Should have an average occupancy rate of 90% in the 90-day period prior to loan application

  • Must have a property management plan and sufficient experience to support and manage the property for the entire term of loan

  • Must pass site inspection

  • Must possess a permanent certificate of occupancy

Whether you are looking to acquire an apartment building or an assisted living facility, we can structure the right loan to meet your financial goals. Contact a senior partner at Dominion today to learn more about our multi-family acquisition funding programs.

Land Development 

Almost all construction and development start with the purchase of raw land. Dominion Commercial Finance can arrange financing with competitive rates and terms that will help you meet your financial objectives, whether you are seeking to acquire land for development and construction or for resale. 

Working with our lending partners, we can assist you with a land purchase or acquisition loan from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000 and more, at almost any stage of the entitlement process. We’ve helped with:

  • Acquisitions

  • Development

  • Refinancing

  • Lot Sales

  • Joint Ventures

A land development loan finances the improvements needed to convert raw land into construction-ready building sites. Unlike other acquisition, development or construction loans, the term of debt is much longer when working with raw land.

The entitlement process will take the undeveloped property through many different stages of planning and processing. Dominion Commercial Finance has extensive experience in raw land development, use and zoning. Contact a senior partner today to learn more about our raw land acquisition lending programs.

If you are interested in buying vacant land, we can help you achieve this goal. Our commercial financing services can be extended to acquisition of raw land.

Unlike the other acquisition and development commercial loans, the terms of a land acquisition loan can be more stringent. We’d like to take a look at your particular case to ensure that we can help you make profitable deal.


 Warehouse Acquisition

Warehouses are used in almost every industry, by importers, exporters, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Dominion Commercial Finance provides commercial property financing for single tenant and multi-tenant industrial properties and warehouses in many different market sectors.

We offer industrial and warehouse loans up to $20MM with competitive pricing and incomparable service so that your transaction closes quickly. Our in-house underwriting team enables us to earlier assess risks and to ensure an efficient and smooth closing. Properties we finance should be located in industrial areas with close access to major highways. Acceptable warehouses may be used for storage, research and development, manufacturing and assembly.

Dominionscommitment to our clients begins with education. From our very first consultation, we can assist them in enhancing the goals and objectives they may have for their commercial real estate investments. Our passion and experience in Warehouse and Industrial financing allow us to deliver a seamless commercial real estate experience. Contact a Senior Partner today for a consultation on your warehouse property.




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